Community Minded, Community Focused.

For over 25 years, Westshore Pizza has been honored to serve our Tampa Bay community. And our focus remains on delivering delicious, high-quality food and fantastic service provided by each one of our 26 locations. Since our inception, we have always done our part to stay community minded and community focused. And today, those words mean more than ever, which is why we are proud of our program, which is in place to help support local events in a positive way.

Our Mission. Our Goal.

Westshore Pizza is committed to donating 1000 pizzas each year to various organizations, non-profits, and community events that support the good in our Tampa Bay communities. We want you to partner with us in that mission!

We Serve to Support.

We like to reach the marginalized poor, in order to meet hunger head-on.

We like to support local schools, who are dedicated to providing education and structure to our young people.

We like to deliver delicious pizza to the sick, the aged, the disabled and those who help provide care for them.

We like to support events, that focus on public awareness of worthy causes.

We like to partner with non-profit organizations that step in to provide services where they are needed most.

And we want to strengthen our hometown one pizza at a time!

How It Works:

Visit and nominate a worthy cause that could use our support and assistance. Once submitted, one of our Westshore Pizza team members will reach out to connect with you to finalize the details.

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Westshore Pizza

Westshore Pizza is a fast-growing concept offering with over 30 operating locations.


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Corporate Partnerships:

The more the merrier! Westshore pizza would love to work with businesses and corporations who believe in our mission and would like to join us. We have creative ways for your company to get involved and be part of the good in Tampa Bay.

Partner With Us

Support our Cause.

Did you know that a $8 donation will help us feed a family of 4 in need? If you would like to make a donation, please click here:

We promise that 100% of the funds generated will be used specifically to help provide food to more people.

We’d like to also thank our corporate partners for their generous donations to If you are a corporation that would like to get involved, please Contact Us so we can discuss opportunities with you further.

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